Why adaptable restaurant technology is essential

With the rate technology changes, keeping up with the latest gadgets and gizmos can seem impossible. It’s understandable that many businesses are hesitant to invest in new technologies, especially if they’re going to be implemented in tens or hundreds of locations. Investing can be scary because who knows what will come next for restaurant technology? How soon will you have to replace your existing tech to stay on trend and be able to deliver services as customers demand them?

It’s not just technology that changes. As your business grows, your technology may quickly become difficult to work with or no longer meet your business requirements. It may even hold you back, forcing you to maintain old processes that don’t let you work as effectively as possible. Hospitality trends are fickle; customers demand human interaction, convenience, quick and easy service, and online delivery, all rolled into one. Customer demands fluctuate regularly and if your technology isn’t able to keep up, you will quickly find your business falling behind your competitors.

So how do you keep up date with this ever-changing environment?

When looking at tech solutions, the term ‘future-proof’ is used often in marketing spiels. But unless your chosen techies are also time travellers, nothing is guaranteed in the world of future technology. However, there are many options that could help reduce the frequency of replacing technology going forward and limit the disruption of doing so.

Good technology companies who are passionate and interested in future tech will likely be developing and creating technology solutions as trends change. They’ll always be on the lookout for what to do next and where they can push and improve their solutions to help their customers be more successful and work more efficiently and effectively. Here at PXtech, we have an in-house development team, a portion of which are dedicated to keeping their eye on and developing with the newest and up and coming technologies.

Our solutions adapt as your business changes and grow with you as you become more successful. You can modify any element of your solution to suit your working practices and change it at a later date if these should change. The benefit of adaptable technology is that you won’t have to keep replacing it every few years to stay current. With a centralised database and remote management, you can add varying modules to your EPOS software and add in extra functionality should you need it, just at the touch of a button.

Outdated tech can really hinder your chance of success. There are so many different types of restaurants constantly entering the marketplace and competition is rife. Don’t let your technology hold you back.

Invest in good technology. Invest in a good technology company.

If you’d like to talk about your options for updating your technology, get in touch on hospitality@pxtech.com.

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