Five Ways to Guarantee a Good Hardware Installation

Having new hardware installed can be a stressful time for volunteers and staff in a store. Closing the doors while this takes place would make things easier, but few shops will want to give up valuable trading hours for this! Here PXtech’s Service Delivery Manager, Chris Hardy, discusses five simple steps you can take to prepare which will ensure a successful install with a minimum of stress.

 1.      Make sure the decision maker is available

 It’s rare that things go exactly to plan. Having a senior person on site who can work with the engineer to decide how unexpected problems should be handled minimises delays. 

2.      Have a plan and make some space

If a new POS system is going to be installed, think about where it will go and clear a space, bearing in mind the space needed for credit card terminals, barcode scanners, etc. Being able to come straight into a prepared area means the new hardware can be in place and in use as quickly as possible.

 3.      Talk to your staff and volunteers, and make sure they are comfortable

One of the biggest obstacles to a successful deployment of new technology can be getting engagement from the people who will actually be using it. Making sure that the volunteers are briefed not only on the introduction of the new system but the benefits it will bring to the organisation and to them personally will make any training and the first few days of use go much more smoothly!

 4.      Talk to the engineer

Having a professional PXtech engineer on site can be really valuable, so make the most of his time in the shop. Share any concerns you might have, ask questions, and make suggestions on how things can be laid out to best support your shop operations. Our engineers are a friendly bunch and will be more than happy to help!

 5.  Put the kettle on, nothing breaks ice better than hot water!

 These five steps are all very simple, but we often find that the store staff are unprepared or even totally unaware of our engineers arrival. With a bit of forward planning the whole process can be made quick, easy and effective.

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