PAUL is a worldwide, family run French bakery, patisserie, café and restaurant that specialises in fresh, quality, hand-crafted bread created with a timeless recipe.

PAUL holds quality at heart and to continue delivering excellence and traditional French bread to the UK market, they appointed technology experts PXtech to support them in an area of technology that is essential to keeping the business baking throughout the day.

PXtech updated PAUL’s existing EPOS technology to the latest platforms, reduced hardware variances and stabilised their solutions in soon to be 38 locations across the UK. This helped to improve the reliability of PAUL’s technology, reducing the possibility of faults, and enabling all sales to be processed in a timely manner without disruption.

Felix Pelegrino, Information Technology Manager at PAUL, said:

“The work that PXtech have done to improve our systems has led to vast improvements in the way the business operates. Staff have the systems in place to allow them to do their jobs quickly and easily, ensuring high quality customer service at all times.

“With continuity of technology throughout our various sites we know that all stores are working on the same high standard technology platforms.”

PXtech provide both remote and on-site specialist technicians, allowing any issues to be diagnosed and rectified as quickly as possible. The in-house engineering team continues to be responsive to any unexpected errors PAUL face with their technology, visiting stores on the same day when required.

Felix added: “The ongoing support is incredibly valuable and we know that should issues arise, PXtech’s specialist engineers will be there swiftly to get the issues resolved.”

Outdated technology can cause interruptions to trading, difficulty for staff, and negative experiences for customers. By keeping on top of their technology solutions PAUL ensured they’re not comprising on their values of delivering quality food and service to customers. Reliable technology is essential to every business, from boosting workforce engagement to improving daily operations. We’re delighted to assist PAUL in ensuring their levels of quality and excellence are met at all times.

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