With the USA implementation of EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) in 2016, Sarku Japan needed to upgrade their POS systems to be EMV  Compliant and at the same time reliably provide daily sales data to head office. They evaluated several different POS systems and decided to implement the Uniwell HX4000. As the HX4000 only supported the XML data format, Sarku felt they required a data conversion solution. The answer was Uniportal. The Uniportal solution works to securely extract sales data to PXtech’s central cloud servers and automate the data conversion process whereby the same data is delivered to Sarku on a daily basis in a manner specified by them.  With this process streamlined, Sarku Japan are able to use the data from PXtech to compare, review and report on sales information, influencing important decisions across it’s estate.



Founded in 1987, Sarku Japan is the largest and most successful Japanese Quick Service Restaurant in America. With over 250 Sarku Japan restaurants in over 34 states, Puerto Rico and South America, they specialise in fast and fresh flavours to provide the world with traditional Japanese cooking.



  • Required accurate daily sales data for each store 365 days per year
  • Data required in an exact file format and structure
  • IT team have no time to analyse and make use of the data

Sarku Japan are a self-confessed ‘data-centric organisation’. When they made the decision to purchase new Uniwell POS systems, they knew they no longer wanted to spend time extracting sales data themselves. This was a lengthy and difficult process that left Sarku Japan’s IT team with little time to actually analyse and make good use of the data.

Another difficulty was getting the data reports in the required format and structure necessary to coincide with their reporting process. Sarku needed easy and quick access to the data so that they could make business decisions based on what was really going on across their estate. An important aspect of data reporting was so that they could use it to report on revenue and evaluate store performances. With several concepts under a single brand, Sarku needed a solution able to provide easy to understand information quickly so that concept performance could be compared on a daily, weekly and annual basis.



  • PXSmartHubs continuously poll data from POS
  • PXtech software creates data reports in the required format and structure
  • Accurate data reports sent to Sarku Japan on a daily basis

PXtech created Uniportal; a solution that uses PXSmartHubs to connect the Uniwell POS system to PXtech’s central cloud services in order to extract sales data safely and securely.

The PXSmartHub acts as an intermediary between PXtech’s servers and the Uniwell POS by running the same custom Axent software deployed in over 40,000 locations worldwide. Once polled from the POS, data is stored in PXtech’s data centre so it can be put into the correct file type and structure and automatically reported back to Sarku Japan in daily email reports.

The PXtech team are able to detect when data is missing or if there are any errors in the data, allowing them to investigate and fix any issues that may arise. They provide manual support and expertise in troubleshooting issues with the file extraction process.

As Uniportal is a cloud based solution, it acts as a secondary data repository for Sarku Japan, backing up their data and allowing their Operations team instant access to a variety of sales information in real time on their own laptops or mobile phones, wherever they are.



  • Sarku’s IT team free to analyse data and provide information to Operations team
  • Sales reporting is a much quicker and easier process
  • Data influences integral decisions about the daily operations of Sarku Japan restaurants

The Uniportal solution works in tangent with the Uniwell POS to provide them with daily accurate reports of their sales data. This means their IT team is free to do what they do best – review sales information and provide menu related analytics to their Operations team.

Sarku Japan determine exactly when and how they receive their data, making their reporting a much quicker and easier process. The data allows them to compare store performance across the estate while seeing how several concepts under one brand perform on a daily, weekly and annual basis.

The data is integral to the daily operation of Sarku Japan’s restaurants, allowing them to make fact-based decisions that influence their sales strategies and allows them to create and evaluate marketing campaigns. The data may also influence decisions such as changes to the menu, staff scheduling based on busy trading periods and choosing the right promotions or offers for the customer.

The Uniportal solution provides the mechanics and means of securely delivering information to Sarku Japan’s internal teams so they can focus on their business operations and fully maximise on sales opportunities.