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We have partnered with one of the most established EPOS providers in Europe to bring their cutting edge software to the UK for the first time. The partnership sees TCPOS combine with Axent, our in-house Business Intelligence software and beautifully crafted hardware from Oxhoo to create an industry-leading solution.


Our solution delivers the best service and user experience to help businesses handle the challenges of today’s hospitality and foodservice offerings. Our future-proof, extensible and highly adaptable POS solutions provide the necessary capabilities to allow you to make responsive business decisions and compete in the markets you serve. Our real-time business intelligence will feed you live data enabling instant reactions so you can always be one step ahead.


From casual to fine-dining, TCPOS is the proven multifunctional hub for harmonious customer service from order through to payment. The solution adapts to your business needs in order to increase staff productivity, speed of service and order accuracy to ensure you leave a long-lasting positive impression on every single customer.


Why Engagement

is important for the hospitality industry

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Industry leading solutions

used around the world

Spanning 6 continents
Installed across 40,000 locations
Processing over 6 million items per day
90,000 hits per day across desktop and mobile devices

Why “adequate” technology is a

risk to your business.

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TCPOS is the worldwide leader in the POS technology sector for the hospitality and retail industries providing extensible, adaptable and future-proof POS solutions

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Highlights    - Simple architecture   - Huge array of plugins   - No local IT activities   - Multiple Interfaces   - Accountancy Software   - Property   - Management Data   - Reliability  

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Axent is a suite of cloud-based business intelligence tools that provide real-time data on web-enabled devices

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Highlights   - Anytime, anywhere  - Real-time data  - Reduces fraud  - Monitor transactions  - Identify trends  - Make better decisions Find out more


Touchscreen terminals that can integrate in any industry and provide users with a complete range of products to cover all business sectors

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Highlights    - Innovative hardware   - Reliable equipment   - Timeless design   - Eco-friendly   - Energy efficient   - Fanless   - LED terminals Find out more


Plug-ins offer an agile and elegant solution to requests for specific features, without challenging the integrity of our software solutions

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Highlights    - No one size fits all   - Adapted to your business     needs   - Ad-hoc software components   - Plug-in enabled solutions Find out more


Thanks to the web services and object orientated architecture, our solution allows us or your 3rd party vendors to add new or extend existing features

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Highlights    - Bespoke software   - Scalable solutions   - Agile development   - Customisable interface   - Grows with your business Find out more


PXtech gives you 24/7 direct access to technicians, with no third party call handling

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Highlights   - No third party calling  - 24/7 access to technicians  - Emergency support  - Maintain excellent    relationships  - End-to-end service Find out more

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